BARNARDs of Mitcheldean and Abenhall (General)

by macast @, North Yorkshire, England, Friday, August 11, 2017, 17:50 (407 days ago)

hi everyone

after many many months of intensive researching I have connected my partner Mike's line to Richard BARNARD (with slight variations in surname) baptised 27 Nov 1683 in Mitcheldean to an Edward BARNARD and his wife Mary...... Richard married a Mary HADEN in Lea 5 Jan 1706

Mike's line goes through Jonathan BARNARD baptised 4 April 1708 in Mitcheldean ....and Elizabeth CONSTANCE married 29 June 1731 in Huntley.

around the same age as Edward (possibly born 1655 ish as his first child is born 1677) there seems to be a Mathias who might also be known as Mathew (or this may be two different men but they both then have a wife called Elonor with various spellings), I've found a George BARNWOOD sometimes BARNARD having children baptised in the 1620s. and in 1591 I found a Thomas the son of Richard BARNWODE baptised.

now I've tried to look at all the BARNARDs in Mitcheldean, and Abenhall (various spellings), to find a connection between the Mitcheldean Barnards and the Abenhall Barnards with no luck so far other than a Jonathan Barnard baptised in 1770 in Mitcheldean marrying Nancy or Ann Good in 1796 in Abenhall and then going on to have Thomas baptised in 1797 in Abenhall.

but I'm sure the Abenhall Barnards go back further than Jonathan.... with two BENNOTT ladies marrying in 1633 ....

I have found a Thomas BARNARD and wife Mary baptising Ann in 1799 (but I don't know where they fit in)

sorry this is so long and complicated ...... is anyone else researching this line? and have you found a connection between the families? the villages are far too close together to there not to be a connection... I'm sure.

any help would really be appreciated :-)

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