1895 Rita Mabel Manns & 1895 Henry Grainger (General)

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Must be brief at the mo, but yes it does seem likely they both died at the same time and from the same cause.

Do you know whereabouts in Gloucestershire they died ?

I cannot find their deaths in GlosBMD site. ??

But I can find the following, apparently Rita's home parish was within Gloucester itself. That would appear to explain why I'm struggling to find either of the couple in any of this site's FoD Parish Records.
I see both GlosBMD and FreeBMD spell the name GRANGER not GraInger, I say this as FreeBMD requires exact spelling match to find relevant record.

Birth Details
Child Surname Child Forename Mother's Former Name Year District Office Register Entry
MANNS Rita Mabel BROWNING 1895 Gloucester Gloucester, South Hamlet 64 252

I cannot find a definite Birth record for Henry J Grainger/Granger anywhere in the UK in 1895, the nearest I can find is in Liverpool, is this him ? (NOTE the FreeBMD results show his is a common name across the UK)

Surname First name(s) Age District Vol Page
Births Jun 1896 (>99%)
GRANGER Henry James Toxteth Park 8b 176

This is definitely them tho;
Marriage Details
Groom Surname Groom Forename Bride Surname Bride Forename District Parish Building Year Register Entry
GRANGER Henry James MANNS Rita Mabel Gloucester Gloucester Register Office 1915 27 42

FreeBMD has a death record for Rita but apparently NOT Henry, whether spelt Granger or Grainger, odd ??

Surname First name(s) Age District Vol Page
Deaths Jun 1924
Granger Rita M 29 Gloucester 6a 323

The "Gloucester" Reg District is detailed here, and includes the older South Hamlet one.


Have you tried the following possible sources of info ?
1. Their death certificates will probably give some indication.
2. Have you tried the Inquests section of this website, see under "Resources" on top menu bar ?
3. The old newspapers which I'd expect to report such an unusual event ?
All the Gloster papers (Citizen, Journal etc) may be found archive within the BNA website, links and advice to use it may be found in this older post.

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