Soudley School (General)

by RogerrGriffiths @, Swindon, Monday, November 12, 2018, 14:41 (508 days ago) @ annie helsdown

Hello Annie,

I'm afraid the person who could best help you passed away earlier this year. There is a Soudley Village School Register of all pupils from 8th August 1880 to 1936. Prior to 1880, the village school was run by a Mrs Davis in a small 'tin' hut. They are quite detailed.

Now, where are the records? First, I would ask Cinderford Library, Local Collection. If not there, they'll tell you where they are.

Added: I have the large scale OS map, revision of 1902, which was used for the Land Tax Act 1910. All properties were given a number. The Mission 4302 is now probably the church. Behind it and to the right is 3645, School. Says Revd. Baldwin, Mission. He was either a curate or incumbent of St Johns, Cinderford.

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