Fanny Jane LANE b 1882 and Electoral registers. Help please (General)

by chrislane, Tuesday, November 27, 2018, 21:17 (554 days ago)

Hi everyone. My name's Chris Lane (female, to save confusion) and I'm new to both genealogy and this forum. I'm busy trying to uncover lots of paternal family history as my father died when I was very young and we lost contact with his side of the family.

Fanny Jane is my grandmother. She was born and lived quite a lot of her life in Berry Hill in the Forest, before moving to Lords Hill. I can trace her in the electoral registers until 1921 but then she disappears. I know that she was still living in the Forest in the mid-50's and believe she was running what I think is a beer shop out of her home. I'm keen to find out the following:
- is there a change in the polling districts between 1921 and mid-1950's?
- is there somewhere I might be able to find licences for the beer shop? (Gloucestershire Archives only have them for beer houses in the late 1800's)
- do you have any other suggested ways of trying to trace her?

I also think she may have remarried (my grandfather died in 1911) in 1921 and become Fanny Jane Rickards/Richards - I'm currently awaiting a copy of the marriage certificate in the hope this will confirm/deny this. If she did remarry it was to Samuel Richard Rickards - but again, I can't trace him in the electoral registers beyond around 1921.

Apologies for having so many questions!

So, long message ends and a great many thanks to you all for reading and hopefully offering what help you can.

Kind regards

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