1880 James Harrington Manns - Born Lancester (General)

by Ladies, Saturday, December 01, 2018, 12:24 (548 days ago)

His parents were Charles & Margaret E Manns

James married on 26.10.1908 to Ruth Plumpton

He emigrated to America in 1911 on HM Teutonic - without his wife, who as far as i can see never reunites with her?

However, he enlisted in WW1 in 1914 in The Kings Own Lancaster REgiment and served until 1920. So when did he come back from America?

After that i cannot definitely pin him down!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Did he go back to America or stay in the UK after 1920?
Cant find him in the 1939 REgister although i can find Ruth, living alone!

On the death record for Ruth, he is still listed as her husband so i can only assume that neither of them re-married although of course, if he is abroad somewhere, he could pretend he was a widower or divorced. I have found many instances of people telling 'fibs'!!!

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