Dean Forest Mercury and the BNA (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Saturday, March 09, 2019, 16:23 (349 days ago) @ probinson

Well done Mike, get's my vote too.

As I mentioned a few months ago the original DFMs are now in the hands of a Cinderford Town Councillor Mark Turner, who helps run the "Old Industry & History of the FoD" Facebook Group. Several members of the group, some of whom are on this Forum, have stressed the importance to conserve and digitise these old papers, especially as I'm told the microfiche copies at Cinderford library are not as good or as complete as they might be. We've suggested they consider working with the BNA in this respect, but I have no idea what Mark's plans are, I suspect it will come down to available resources.
I'll try and find out more.

Thanks again, Jeff.

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