Richard & Sarah Loveridge (General)

by Loveridge @, Sunday, May 12, 2019, 14:36 (210 days ago) @ nimrod

Thanks Nimrod. I was not aware of this Churcham connection which further puzzles me. My Loveridge ancestors came from Dymock and moved to Pauntley around 1630 - 1690; my ancestors stayed in Pautnley but one branch of the family moved to Churcham about 1720. However, despite lengthy searches, I have found no connection between my Pauntley ancestors (Loveridges who lived at Aylesmore, Pauntley)and Richard & Sarah Loveridge of Pauntley Court. It may be just a coincidence that two unrelated Loveridge families were living at the same time in Pauntley but Pauntley is such a small place! John

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