Thomas Whitcombe - Maltster - Father of James Whitcombe (General)

by OnTheRoad @, Australia, Monday, June 10, 2019, 11:58 (352 days ago) @ MPGriffiths

Thank you so much for all of this information, MPGriffiths. It is really interesting to see it all coming together. How can this be verified? By going to the local church and asking for records? It is all so long ago. I have seen the marriage certificate of James Whitcombe and Anne Watkins on this web site, which is where I found the father's name. As the marriage took place in 1850, the father must have already been deceased, since 1819 according to the info you provided. I had assumed he was still alive!

I see you have made contact with the Public Members Tree on Ancestry. Once I have got my head around all this information, I will also contact them as I have a few questions about James Whitcombe.

Thanks again

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