Webbes Almshouse, Copse Cross Street, Ross (General)

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Using the Advance Search for Burials and just putting residence in a Webbes - there are a number of burials over the years and assume your are interested in Eliza and George DEAN?

Eliza DEAN - aged 71, 29 May 1920, Webbes Hospital -
George DEAN - aged 70, 26 July 1920, Webbes Almhouses

If it's this couple on the 1911 census they are living at 3 Grey Tree Road, Ross, herefordshire with George DEAN their Son and daughter.


Looking at the 1901 Census, for Herefordshire, Ross, District 1

Almhouses start on page 2 of 39

There are only a few houses listed as Almhouse

On the 1911 Census

Mr John SHOCK - Alms Houses, Copse Cross Street, Ross Herefordshire

(burial on records: 6 march 1917 - aged 94, Webbes Almshouses
Memoranda: The oldest man in Ross passed away at this (illegible) after a good & consistent Christian life

2 Alms : Name of Head: Mr Charles MEEK
3 Alms House : Name of Head: Mr W SMITH
4 Alms House : Name of Head: Mrs S WEAVER
5 Alms House : Name of Head : Mr E EVANS
6 Alms House : Name of Head : Mr J STEPHENS
7 Alms House: Name of Head : Mrs M A BIRD


Sarah HUGHES died 1911 : Webbes Almhouses
John SHOCK died 1917
Eliza EVANS died 1917
Thomas JONES died 1918
James WOOD died 1919
Walter LEWIS died 1919

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