Webbes Almshouse - various Ross & Herefordshire sources (General)

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I'm sure you've already found that Webbe's Almshouse dates from the 1600s, as do at least four others in Ross alone, predating the town's Workhouse & hospital by 200 years. All were quite small, each housing about 6 people. Hopefully the following link will work and take you to the relevant page (175) of the Ross section within the 1913 Kelly's Herefordshire Directory which indicates these almshouses were still operating at that time, still pre-dating the NHS of course.
Some background info here;

Regarding your specific enquiry, all I can suggest is to contact the following Herefordshire and Ross-based sites and sources in the hope they may have relevant records or information. Sadly it seems the excellent visitor centre / museum at Ross Market House is no longer operating, perhaps because Herefordshire now has a relatively new Archive & Records centre at Hereford ?

These pages may also help you.

Herefordshire almshouses in general

I think you should definitely consider contacting the Ross Civic Society via their informative website ?

And the Herefordshire Family History Society who I believe have a forum too

Wishing you good luck in your search.

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