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by probinson @, S. Oxon, Saturday, April 11, 2020, 11:03 (166 days ago) @ melly

Not giving up on this but I'm still unable to find anything much about Annie. So decided to concentrate on her husband William.

As MPG found, William is living with his mother in Buckshaft in 1939. There is one other person who is not visible so maybe this was Annie. Not really relevant but Williams sister, Harriet, and her husband, Benjamin Turley, are also living with them, or maybe next door. I searched for William in the electoral registers, assuming Annie would also be listed. But seems not. I found him in the 1951 and 1954 registers, along with his mother, but no sign of Annie. His mother died in 1954 but William continues to appear in the registers up to his death in 1966.

William was of an age he may have served in WW1 and an entry in the 1919 electoral registers has (possibly) him listed as an absent voter and serving in the forces. The address is in Ruspidge. Maybe he was injured and hence the 'incapacitated' description in the 1939 register. I've not been able to find any military records for him.

I'm not convinced the death in 1954 is Annie. The GRO has the name as Annie Elousie (misspelling of Elouise?). Doesn't seem a good match. But I can't find anything better. I can't find a burial record that matches either but I can find them for William and his mother, both in St Johns.

Can anyone explain why Annie might not appear in the electoral registers? I don't know what the qualifications would have been.


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