Chamberlain / Davis family (General)

by melly, Saturday, April 11, 2020, 13:46 (166 days ago) @ probinson

Hi Peter,

I have found a second cousin Graham Lee who has Annie or Annabiah/ anniebeya as deceased in London in 1969 and her spouse is a Ernest Gamble so Im gathering she might have remarried now the question is given they know and been honest that the info they have is jumbled with random names and dates sigh dna shows we are second cousins so now its just chasing to see if Annie is maybe divorced and having remarried or has she simple left william and hooked up with ernest and they have just pretended to be a married couple????.... I have looked for a cert for them both in marriages but no luck so far. I could safely say I could happily scream and curse over this with different spelling of first and last names as much as I feel connected to Annabiah name I rather call her I also hate her.

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