Rose Cottage, Woodside, Woolaston (General)

by Gordon @, Saturday, December 26, 2009, 12:13 (3920 days ago)

My g.g.uncle, Henry Williams, died at Rose Cottage, Woodside, Woolaston in 1909 (Mary Moulton, his neice was the person present at his death.)

On reading 'Too Soon out of the Oven' memories of Woolaston, by L. Hoskins, the author also lived at a Rose Cottage. I quote, '.... He [the mobile fish and chip man] used to stop on the green outside Polly Biddle's Rising Sun Inn which was about 300 yards above my home at Rose Cottage.'

Can anyone tell me if these two Rose Cottages are the same? Henry Williams died relatively wealthy so I would be interested to know if he owned the cottage and if L. Hoskins is/was at all related to him.

Gordon Williams

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