WORGAN M = Amelia 1847 Bream (General)

by Rachel Hill @, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, Friday, March 17, 2006, 08:23 (5696 days ago) @ slowhands

I read over the list of WORGANs and have a small bit to add.

I have a Worgan branch that lived in the St. Briavel's Common.

My ggg-grandmother was Mary WORGAN who married a Henry LEWIS and had one child (that I know of)
named Sarah Ann. On the 1851 Census George Worgan lived with Mary and Henry. Later the 1881
census listed John WORGAN lived with Henry, Sarah, baby William Taylor Lewis - Mary was
deseased. According to the ages listed on the census records John and George Worgan were twins, and Mary the older sister.

This is all I recall of the top of my head. If anyone is interested in birth/marriage/death years I can
certainly look them up. I am interested in learning where the connection is with the rest of the Worgans in the Forest.

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