BAYNHAM Newland and Aston Ingham (General)

by M.Carroll, Friday, March 18, 2005, 11:55 (6060 days ago) @ Frank Baynham

Hi Frank,
I have had little success with my BAYNHAM research but admit that I looked mainly in the Bristol area.

My interests are THOMAS BAYNHAM b Abt 1760 married August 3rd 1789, St James, Bristol to ELIZABETH HILL b 1764, and their daughters ANN b Abt 1794 and HESTER b Abt 1801. Each of these girls married brothers ROBERT and WILLIAM SMITH in Bristol, who are part of the direct line of my Grandmother.
It was your mention of the name Hester that caught my eye. Hardly a common name at that time - or was it?

I hope there will be a match of some sort with your information.


Maureen, Ontario

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