William BROWN, Barn Hill, West Dean (General)

by May @, Wednesday, April 05, 2006, 12:53 (5675 days ago) @ Chris Bean

You will find Barn Hill Lodge searching www.Old-maps.co.uk for Coleford (Glos)and then click in the north east of the image to centre on Broadwell Lane End.

Enlarge the image and you will see Barn Hill Lodge and its field immediately below the "n" of Lane in "Broadwell Lane End". It is not marked as The Lodge but I lived too long in Broadwell not to know exactly where it is.

You could refer to previous messages (May last year?) about Barn Hill by typing Barn Hill in the search box of this message board.

Are you connected to one of the Brown families that lived in North Road, Broadwell in the 1950's? If so, and out of interest, which one?

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