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his father was also Called William Richards Teague,he was my GG Grandfather,but ive never been able to find out who his parents were,but you are right on the children there was my Great Grandfather William Richards Teague b1868 d 31 aug 1948 in bream and he had as far as i can find out 3 proper siblings and 3 half siblings.Francis Sarah b 1866-1899 Henry George Richards Teague known as Edwin Henry Teague b1871-d 1892,and Hubert b1874-d1892,and his 3 Half siblings were Nellie Teague b 1882,Robert Charles Teague b1884-d1971 and Maggie Teague who was born and died in 1888,there father was a man called Robert Croak b 1850. Sarahs parents were called Edward Teague b1810-d1885 and Sarah Beach/Beech b1820-d1845.It was her sister Eliza Beech b1817-d1895 that married George Gilbert b abt 1831 but he was not her first husband she had been married to a Henry Creese b1814 hope that helps.

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