Hubert GRIFFITHS / SMEDLEY 1860 - 1922 (General)

by saralarasdog, Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 20:41 (3773 days ago) @ slowhands

Hi Slowhands,
Thank you Slowhands!! So, I guess I couldn't find him as he was baptised GRIFFITHS. Some of the census isn't quite right (i.e. my grandmother was born in 1899 and James wasn't a son of Hubert's). My Grandmother said Hubert was estranged from his parents, so it's nice to put it all together. I can't find a birth for Joseph (Thomas's father) but I suspect it's on or about 1786. So my journey ends here. I do know Pamela dies in 1860 and Thomas re-marries to an Anne. Thank you so much for all the effort put into solving this mystery for me.

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