The Blistors Bream (General)

by m p griffiths @, Monday, June 14, 2010, 20:54 (3748 days ago) @ hawdon

On the 1901 census, the Enumerator, has got notes covering his 'round' - however, it goes from Mount Pleasant, then we have

Blisters Farm Bream with Robert W Jones and his family, then three families listed as living at Blister Cottages, William Pritchard, Samuel Robins, George Gardiner and their families - then Lydney Lane.

1891 Census, Bream

St James Church
Blistors House, unoccupied, (houses nr Post Office)

'This has highlighted a problem with the 1891 census for Bream (Ancestry) - The Enumerators' descriptions for each District has pages from Shrewsbury instead'

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