Hopkins, Joseph, Powell, and Cullis (General)

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Looking for Hopkins, Joseph, Powell (or Powel), and Cullis.

My Hopkins great great grandparents were: Thomas Hopkins and Sarah neeĀ“ Powel (no other details known). My Hopkins great grandparents emigrated to NZ in 1860 from the Forest of Dean. Family stories are that the Hopkins family were Welsh, and my great grandmother was Jewish from Wales (her name, Joseph, is consistent with the Jewish story).

My great grandparents were William Hopkins and Sarah Ann Joseph. Sarah Joseph was a child of Thomas Joseph and Ann Cullis. William Hopkins was born 8 Mar 1835, (?Lydney); Christening: 26 Apr 1835, Lydney. Sarah Joseph was born 6 Mar 1837, Lydbrook.

Marriage Details, Sarah and William Hopkins
Mar 31 1858, St James Church, Bream, HOPKINS William of full age, Bachelor, Miner, of Breem Meend, father; Thomas Hopkins, occ. Labourer.
Sarah Ann JOSEPH of full age, Spinster, of Coleford, father Thomas Joseph occ. School Master,
Married by Banns, Both signed, Witnesses; Henry Hopkins, Emma Hopkins

G.Great Grandparents marriage:
Surname (Groom) : JOSEPH
Forename (Groom) : Thomas
Place (Groom) : Hundred of St Briavels
Place of Marriage : ABENHALL
Surname (Bride) : CULLIS
Forename (Bride) : Ann
Place (Bride) : Hundred of St Briavels
Date : 20-Jan 1834

2443 1851 CENSUS HO107/2443 FF.0593-0611 ED.4 LYDNEY 3
Piece: 2443 Folio: 0611Schedule: 109
Address: Aylburton
HOPKINS Thomas HD M 50 Ag Lab GLS St. Briavels (c1801)
HOPKINS Sarah WI M 46- GLS Awre (c1805)
HOPKINS Janetta DA U 24 Dress Maker GLS Aylburton (c1827)
HOPKINS Elizabeth DA U 18 GLS Aylburton (c1833)
HOPKINS William SO - 16 GLS Aylburton (c1835)
HOPKINS Thomas SO - 13 GLS Aylburton (c1838)
HOPKINS John SO - 11- GLS Aylburton (c1840)
HOPKINS Henry SO - 9- GLS Aylburton (c1842)
HOPKINS Philip SO - 8- GLS Aylburton (c1843)
HOPKINS Sarah DA -6- GLS Aylburton (c1845)
HOPKINS Alfred SO -4- GLS Aylburton (c1847)

2444 1851 CENSUS HO107/2444 FF.0113-0137 ED.4B COLEFORD 1
Piece: 2444 Folio: 0128Schedule: 088
Address: Coalway
JOSEPH Thomas HD M 76 Clerk RAD Llanerhangel [Llanfihangel] (c1775)
JOSEPH Ann WI M 40- GLS Coleford (c1811)
JOSEPH Martha DA - 12- GLS Coleford (c1839)
JOSEPH Lewis SO -8- GLS Coleford (c1843)
JOSEPH Thomas SO -5- GLS Coleford (c1846)
JOSEPH William SO -2- GLS Coleford (c1849)

2444 1851 CENSUS HO107/2444 FF.0113-0137 ED.4B COLEFORD 1
Piece: 2444 Folio: 0127Schedule: 083
Address: Coalway
BAYLDON John HD M 37 Master of Arts YKS Royston[e] (c1814)
(other Bayldon family members)
JOSEPH Sarah SV U 14General Servant GLS Coleford (c1837)

In 1881, Thomas Joseph was dead
Ann JOSEPH Head W Female 69 Coleford, Gloucester, England
William JOSEPH Son U Male 32 Coleford, Gloucester, England General Laborer
Thomas JOSEPH Son M Male 35 Coleford, Gloucester, England Quarryman (Stone)
Thomas JOSEPH Grandson Male 10 Coleford, Gloucester, England Scholar
Arthur JOSEPH Grandson Male 8 Coleford, Gloucester, England Scholar
Lewis JOSEPH Grandson Male 6 Coleford, Gloucester, England Scholar
Source Information:
Dwelling No 15 Coalway Road
Census Place Newland, Gloucester, England

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