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I have Thomas Cooper 1846 & Amelia Grindle 1843 in my family tree, they are not related to me, but I always research siblings and parents of the spouses of my ancestors, sometimes I go too far. In this case it is a very convoluted link, which I perhaps wouldn't normally add to the thread, except that it leads back to the Cooper family and that is your interest :

Thomas Cooper 1846 & Amelia Grindle 1843 had a daughter Elizabeth 1873, she married John Vaughan 1873, son of Timothy Vaughan 1839 & Eliza. Timothy Vaughan 1839 was the son of William Vaughan 1797 & Sarah Smart - they had 6 children, 2 of which have descendants that are related to me, primarily Absalom Vaughan 1820 who married Elizabeth Cooper baptised English Bicknor 16 Oct 1825. Absalom Vaughan & Elizabeth had 8 children, including Timothy 1859 who married my 5th cousin twice removed Louisa Brain 1866 and Absalom Vaughan 1853 who married Augusta Whetstone 1857 - 8 children including Osbourne 1898 who married 2nd cousin twice removed Eunice Lavinia Marfell 1903.

Going back to Elizabeth Cooper 1825 who married Absalom Vaughan 1820, she was the daughter of William Cooper carrier 1791/1850 and Sarah Williams 1791 who married English Bicknor 31 Aug 1816:

1851 Census English Bicknor
COOPER Sarah Widow/er 60 Hallier English Bicknor
William 33 Hallier & Carrier English Bicknor
Joseph 21 Hallier English Bicknor
Elizabeth 24 English Bicknor
Susan 19 English Bicknor
Mary 15 English Bicknor
Sarah Grand Daughter 8 English Bicknor
PAIN? Edwin Servant 18 Labourer English Bicknor
HEADY Henry Servant 17 Labourer English Bicknor
WEBB George 16 Labourer English Bicknor

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