Jonathan WEBB d: 1799 Ruardean (General)

by m p griffiths @, Tuesday, July 05, 2011, 08:04 (4705 days ago) @ franklin77

'1765 marriage here is the earliest reference to Franklins I've been in Gloucestershire'

The Gloucestershire Marriage Index CD 1754 to 1799 - not covering the Phillimore, IGI and the GFHS 18th Century Register Transcript CD (some other marriages pre 1754 indexed by Members of the GFHS are included) - have approximately 50 males/50 females FRANKLYN/FRANKLING/FRANKLIN/FRANCHKLIN marriages.

The earliest on the CD is William FRANKLIN - of Kings Stanley marrying Jane ROOME from Stonehouse - in Moreton Valance - 30 April 1699

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