James Sleeman and his wife Ann (General)

by Joanne Leach @, Lydney, Gloucestershire, England, Friday, April 15, 2005, 16:36 (6810 days ago) @ Cindy Sleeman

I took a look at the IGI online at familyserach.org for you. There are 3 birth entries for Evan Sleeman saying he was born 25 Aug 1825 Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire, England. One of them gives his mother Ann's surname as Howells like you maybe thought it was, but the other two gives her surname as Hollis. There is a marriage between James Sleeman and Ann Hollis in 1800, Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales. James Sleeman was born about 1780 in Pembroke, Wales and Anne Hollis was born about 1783 in Pembroke, Wales and died after 1850. It gives 6 Feb 1894 as a death date for Evan and a marriage for him to Ann Jones on 25 Oct 1846 in Flaxley Parish, Gloucestershire, England.

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