Family of Benjamin GRICE and Harriet JORDAN (General)

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Hi CG,

Thanks for posting on this topic - it's always interesting to discover new branches of a tree!

Benjamin GRICE was the son of Jacob Grice (1772-1857) and Mary HARRISON (c. 1865-1841). Benjamin's paternal grandparents were John GRICE and Eleanor HANDLEY, who married in Hartlebury, WOR in 1749. Eleanor was the daughter of Samuel and Phoebe and was baptised in Areley Kings, WOR in 1731. John Grice MAY have been the son of Thomas and Mary (nee Barber), but I don't have any concrete evidence. Benjamin's mother's Harrison family seem also to have come from Worcestershire.

Harriet JORDAN was the daughter of Thomas Jordan and Ann Dunn, who married in Mitcheldean in 1788. I've not got any definites on their ancestors, though I have a strong hunch that Thomas was the son of Francis Jordan and Elizabeth Hughes.

I'm a direct descendant of both Benjamin GRICE's sister Ann Harrison Grice and of Harriet JORDAN's brother Mark. Mark married Mary EVERSON, while Mary's brother William married Ann Harrison Grice - thus three sets of brother-sister siblings each married into the other families. To make matters more complicated, Mark & Mary's son James Powell JORDAN married TWO (successively, mind you!) of William & Ann EVERSON's daughters, Charlotte and Rhoda.

I'll be happy to provide further details and more precise dates etc. if you're interested, but I didn't want to overload this post.

What continues to baffle me is what happened to Benjamin and Harriet's daughters Harriet and Mary Ann - I've located both of them on the 1851 census but they seem to disappear after that (I do know that Benjamin died in 1853 and Harriet senior married Thomas O'Brien Cooper in 1856).

CG, do you know any more about what happened to these girls?


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