John Parry (Parish Records)

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Cheers Chris,

GlosBMD confirms this record and suggests she was born c 1779, so unfortunately was not the mother of John Parry born abt 1757, altho she is in the right locality so maybe related.

Death Details

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Surname Given Names Age Year Died District Register Entry
PARRY Nancy 59 1838 Gloucester, Huntley 1 111

I agree with your comments earlier abt the name Nancy, but it must be said there seems to be quite a few cases in the local PRs where Parry girls were baptised Nancy, no doubt this applied to other families too, but which family was ours before she became a Parry ?

But then again, if she was also known as "Ann", then this site's PRs carry these Baptisms which may, perhaps, be relevant to this query;

Year Parents_Surname Child_Forenames Fathers_Forenames Mothers_Forenames Mothers_Surname Residence Occupation Parish_Chapel
1752 PARRY Sarah John Anne Longhope
1753 PARRY Mary John Anne Longhope
1755 PARRY Hannah John Ann Longhope


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