Legg Farm Blakeney, Roman ? (General)

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Agreed re the location.

I doubt this is a surprise to Norman, as I've repeated what we discussed on his previous posts, but in this instance I've drawn complete blanks while searching the old newspapers BNA site, the old O.S. maps site, Glos Archives site, and the 1909 Lloyd George Survey of Land Values site. I searched both "Legg" and "Legge" spellings as have seen this spelling of the surname.

General googling has given a few references to Roman occupation at or near this address, this being the most detailed summary I can find online.

"Roman Blakeney
At Legg House, in Church Square, the remains of a high-status Roman stone building that was occupied between AD 75-150 was uncovered by Dean Archaeology Group between 1990-92. They found a length of wall with a first-century stone-built structure. In addition, pottery and hypocaust tiles indicated the possibility of a bath house. This is believed to be the structure recorded from local folklore by Ralph Bigland in 1786."


The main A48 road thro Blakeney is marked as a "Roman Road" on the old O.S. maps, presumably linking Gloucester to Caerwent, which both originated as Roman forts. The area around Blakeney and Soudley has other Roman sites, although the cobbled road at Blackpool Bridge is no longer thought to be Roman.

Sorry couldn't be more helpful.

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