Parish of Baptism restrictions in the 18th century? (Parish Records)

by shepway @, Sunday, May 21, 2017, 13:05 (2612 days ago) @ lesleyr

My understanding is that Baptisms took place in the parish where the child was born and it was also common custom for a young wife to return to her mother for her first confinement so the baptism of the eldest child will often be found in the register of the mother’s parish. Marriages would normally take place in the Bride’s home parish.
However until the mid 1800’s much of the Forest was “extra parochial” and you will find many entries in the registers where the abode is given as such or Hundred of St Briavels (HSB), both meaning not living within a defined parish boundary. So if a couple were “extra parochial” they could marry wherever they choose and if a child was not born within a defined parish he/she would often be baptised in a church of the parents’ choice.


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