Watkins Family of Ruardean (General)

by Graham Warmington @, Sunday, May 22, 2005, 05:20 (5995 days ago) @ admin


My Watkins ancestry seems to mirror yours. My great great grandparents were John Watkins (1836- after 1902) from Lydbrook, son of Stephen Watkins and Caroline Jones (1836-1902) from Ruardean, dau of Samuel Jones. They were married in May 1860 at the Church of the Holy Trinity.

I am trying to find out where they are buried (and also when John died). I have a photo of the grave taken just after Caroline died. I have visited Holy Jesus Church at Lydbrook (their home was Lydbrook Hill) and checked the MI for the Church. I have also visited the church at Ruardean and again checked the MI for that church - but without any success.

According to the marriage certificate, Samuel Jones was a miner.

Checking back through my notes I notice that you wrote to me in March 2000 mentioning that your ancestors were from the Forest, but that none of the names I mentioned at the time were familiar. Since then I have discovered my great great grandmother's maiden name - so here's hoping that there might be a link.

Graham Warmington

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