John Williams 1785 (Parish Records)

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For starters

? apart from Samuel Hall WILLIAMS

? names of other siblings i.e. family names - occupation: Williams e.g. Quarryman

assume all the other siblings were christened at Drybrook (from the records)

Mary Ann etc. up to Amos 1837


If you use the Advance Search and search for witnesses

i.e. Samuel HALL/Elizabeth PARRY/John Williams/Elizabeth HALL

- there are some marriages where the above are witnesses etc. at Walford


Marriage at Walford

20 April 1828

Beriah MEEK - extra parochially

Tryphena WILLIAMS - extra parochially

witnesses: John WILLIAMS and Elizabeth WILLIAMS (this could well be, John WILLIAMS and Elizabeth HALL)

Tryphena WILLIAMS christened at Ruardean, 25 May 1804 - parents Thomas & Sarah

Tryphena/Beriah MEEK + family

On the 1841 census (Dean, Forest, District 16, Page 10 of 13) +++ ??? WILLIAMS living either side inc Jos 25& George c1800
Ross District
Extra Parochial
Ruardean Hill

George WILLIAMS christened 22 June 1800 Ruardean, parents, George & Betty - (tree on Ancestry)

John WILLIAMS and his family are in the same District - but page 6 of 13) so very close, and again on the 1851 census

(stone cutters/quarrymen etc)

1841 Census,
Dean Forest
St Briavels (above Tryphena MEEK)

Jos WILLIAMS - 25 (christened 25 July 1813, Ruardean, parents: George (Quarryma) & Elizabeth
Amelia WILLIMS - 30
Luesa WILLIAMS - 3
Sarah WILLIAMS - 75


Ancestry has transcribed Gloucestershire Wills and the various WILLIAMS listed in Ruardean appear to be Quarryman - mentioning wives/brothers/nephews etc - may be these could help.

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