the martin family (Parish Records)

by Mike Pinchin @, Bedford, England, Friday, September 22, 2017, 20:53 (2496 days ago) @ avrilc

These entries may have something to do with your query,

GR 1861 Census, New Inn Rd, Newchurch Parish, Chepstow District

Henry MARTIN, Head, Mar, 71, Ag. Lab, b. Mon, Chap[el] Hill
Cecelia, Wife, Mar, 64, Mon, Wolvesnewton
Elizabeth, Daur, Un, 38, Washerwoman, Mon, Newchurch
Elizabeth EVANS, Grand Daur, 10, Glos, Cinderford

GR 1851 Census, Newchurch Parish

Henry MARTIN, Head Mar, 61, Coal Carrier, b. Mon, Chapel Hill
Cecily, Wife, Mar, 55, Mon, Wolvesnewton
Elizabeth, Daur, Un, 24, Mon, Newchurch
Henry, Son, 10, Mon, Newchurch
John DUFFIELD, Nephew, un, 20, Labourer, Mon, Chepstow

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