Frederick ANDERSON burial 1902 (Parish Records)

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yes the burial record can sometimes give clues or even specific reference details as to the location of the grave location, but this varies depending on where and when the burial took place, and if the relevant graveyard map/plan is still available. Some church ministers/wardens were far better than others at recording these details.
I cannot find the Frederick Anderson burial in this site's PRs. If you can quote the information you have then we can hopefully help further.

PS my brother-in-law's twin sister died a few hours after being born at the Dilke in 1950. It's believed she was buried in another family grave probably at Lydbrook church. but so far we've found no records whatsoever of this.


UPDATE, don't know why ???? but despite spelling it correctly the PR search engine only found the burial for Frederick Anderson AFTER I ticked the Soundex box....

I now see we've visited this in the past, these prior threads apply;
and before that

To recap, here's the relevant PR;

Record_ID: 50463
Entry_Number: 582
Year: 1902
Month: Sep
Day: 13
Forenames: Frederick
Residence: Netherend Woolaston
Age_at_death: 58
Officiating_Minister: J Jones officiating minister
Event: Burial
Register_Reference: P376 IN 1/18
Page_No: 73
Parish_Chapel: Woolaston
Soundex: A536

I think in this instance the "P376 in 1/18" doesn't mean something like Plot 376 in graveyard row 1 of 18, say, but in fact refers to the Register page number and the book it's in.

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