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by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Friday, December 08, 2017, 23:28 (910 days ago) @ Marj Rees

Hi Marj,
you're more than welcome re the BNA site, I certainly recommend taking a look. The following old post will hopefully give you some more pointers in this respect, and links to other similar sites such as the excellent Welsh Newspapers site which is free to access. Of course this maybe assuming you're based in the UK, as seems to be the case.

Many of the older Glostershire newspapers like the Chronicles were eventually superceded by the Gloster Citizen and it's illustrated partner the Journal#, the Citizen's still in print. This history should become clearer from the above thread and by browsing the BNA site.

Happy hunting, can be great fun especially when the weather's cold !

atb J

# The original Journal was possibly Gloucester's first newspaper, founded in 1722. The Citizen was until recently the city's first daily, founded in 1876. However since c1930 they were sister publications, the illustrated weekly Journal being the one to search-thro if looking for C20th photos such as weddings.

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