Frederick Archer Morse (General)

by jerigby @, Sunday, December 17, 2017, 18:22 (1007 days ago)

Frederick Archer Morse was born illegitimately on 19 September 1848 in West Dean. His mother was Elizabeth Archer who signed with a mark. The father's name was left blank but we know him to be Frederick Morse as his child was brought up initially by his parents John and Damaris. When Frederick senior married Matilda Phipps in 1855 he joined them in Yorkley. At the 1851 census he is at John and Damaris's house aged two (at nurse).

As Frederick senior seems to have acknowledged the child to be his would there by anything in the Petty Sessions or similar if there was an arrangement for the father to have the child? Where would I look, I am not in Gloucestershire.

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