Forest miners going to Wigan (Parish Records)

by JaneyH ⌂ @, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Thursday, January 25, 2018, 23:40 (2373 days ago) @ Jefff

Jefff (and others) -

I certainly didn't intend to be uncontactable by email, and have now put this right in my profile. Indeed, I'm always up for nuggets of information or new leads that may help with my family history research! If it hadn't been for having a public tree on Ancestry I would never have heard from my 'new' cousin in the USA.

As to Henry Bowdler and Stockwell Green, I don't know why my notes said "near Newnham", and have corrected them accordingly. While I've certainly gained some knowledge of the geography of the area from my research I only have a passing knowledge of current towns and villages, far less those from the 19th century. I did visit the Forest back in 2014 and enjoyed my brief stay enormously. I was unprepared for the sense of 'connecting' with a place where my ancestors lived, and certainly plan to visit again.

I hadn't seen the newspaper article about the death of Henry Bowdler, son of Joseph and Emily in 1881. However Joseph was a 3x great-uncle of mine so yes, this is part of my family tree. I'm still confused by the age at death though - the GRO index says 11 years whereas the burial register is quite clear in stating 11 months. Another thing to follow up!

Thanks again, Jane

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