Forest of Dean Railways and Tramways (General)

by rsligi @, Friday, March 23, 2018, 18:04 (869 days ago) @ rogerfarnworth

Thank you for sharing this knowledge with us. I used to live in Lower Lydbrook and our cottage had the incline down to the Wye to the west side, standing back to the river in The Tump park area the incline ran between the bungalow and the old Courtfield Pub (now holiday lets). The line of incline is marked by line of trees and old walls of the incline are to the west of our old cottasge (used to be called Sudi, may stillbe?) If you walk to the top of the 116approx steps on corner opposite the Tump you can look over the wall and see how steep the incline was. The coal was stacked in the area now unused part of Courtfield and then loaded on the flat bottomed boats on the warf which was in front of the Courtfield, some stones remain, also a warf opposite Wyebank Cottage 100yds downstream. Some old track single stone sleepers with single hole in centre can be seen in wall by Courtfield and also many in the garden at Sudi from the incline. When I rebuilt the terraces at Sudi I uncovered the base of a winding shed level with the Courtfield but its now recovered.

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