Finnish ancestry in the Forest of Dean? (General)

by 10noyrum @, Thursday, April 26, 2018, 19:46 (1245 days ago) @ Helenkeenlyside

Summarizing what you have posted and adding the death of Margaret Morgan from this site:

Generation Number 1

1. SAMUEL MORGAN (born before 1839) and MARY BURCHER had issue:
1.1. ARTHUR MORGAN (born before 1860).

Generation Number 2

2. ARTHUR MORGAN (born before 1860; d about 1902) married about 1881 MARGARET SIER TRIGG (b about 1860; d 29th June 1897, age 37, Littledean). Had issue:
2.1. ARTHUR MORGAN (born about 1897, Cinderford).

Generation Number 3

3. ARTHUR MORGAN (born about 1897, Cinderford); died aged 75 1972, Rhondda. Had issue:
3.1. U/K MORGAN.

Generation Number 4

4. U/K MORGAN. Had issue:

I cannot find the marriages of SAMUEL MORGAN and MARY BURCHER or the marriage of ARTHUR MORGAN to MARGARET SIER TRIGG on the Parish Register searchable data base on this site. You may have different sources of information. If so, can you tell me where you obtained this marriage information? For example you may have the marriage certificates.

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