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by MPGriffiths @, Tuesday, August 21, 2018, 17:17 (2165 days ago) @ May

If you look at the front page of Register of Burials in the Parish of Tidenham, in the County of Gloucester (on Ancestry)

There is a stamp from the Gloucestershire Records Office top right hand corner and written in the centre of this Stamp Mark is:

IN 1/17

The first burial on the next page is 18 December 1853, for Mary HOPKINS of Tidenham

This book has 218 pages and the last burial is around 1957


Baptisms from 1837-1864 at Tidenham - Stamp Mark on Page 3 of 112 pages from 1837-1864 : P333/1 IN 1/4


Marriages from 1837-1902 at Tidenham - Stamp Mark on Pages 5 & 7 of 268 pages : P333 IN 1/8

'Lovely cover on this marriage book which was produced by : John SMITH, Accompt-Book Manufacturer & Book Binder : 49 Long Acre, London'.

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