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Gloucestershire Non-Conformist Reg

Gloucester Rycroft Prebysterian 1850-1891

Thomas GIDDINGS - baptism 21 February 1884, born 22 December 1883
parents: William 7 & Sarah, Broadoak Newnham

Mary GIDDINGS - baptism 5 February 1891, born 17 December 1890
parents: William James & Sarah, Broadoak Newnham

Yes these are the records for my great aunt Mary Giddings and great uncle Thomas Giddings. Thank you very much for looking this up, your interest is much appreciated. Thomas and Mary Giddings were baptised at the Rodley and Walmore Methodist chapel, according to the database on this website. I don't know why my great grandparents William and Sarah Giddings had two of their seven children baptised as non conformists and the other five in 'The Church of England'.

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