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Assume you have gone through the Licences of GURNEY at Kempley - also checked for a Henry GURNEY being a witness at weddings etc to try and forum family groups

Just a few examples

William GURNEY was buried 1 June 1799 at Kempley (Ancestry has a copy of this Will - just reading it) ***

Under the Gloucestershire Marriage Bonds etc

When Anne GURNEY Licence to Robert POWELL - 18 November 1796 at Kempley
the Witness was : William GURNEY a Yeoman of Kempley

etc etc

At the actual marriage on 20 November 1796, when Anne GURNEY married Robert POWELL - Henry GURNEY was a witness

and on the 5 April 1804 when Betty GURNEY married Thomas DAVIS at Kempley - Henry GURNEY was a witness.


22 August 1799

On which day appeared Personally Esther GURNEY and John GURNEY and is alleged that William GURNEY late of Kempley in the County and Diocese of Gloucester Yeoman lately died Intestate And that they are the said Esther GURNEY and John GURNEY were and are the natural and lawful Widow and Son and two of the next of Kin of the said deceased.

Henry - did name one of his daughter Esther.

When Anne GURNEY married Robert POWEL - 18 November 1796, and William GURNEY was the witness at the Licence - Robert POWEL was a Yeoman at Upton Bishop in the Diocese of Hereford.


Forest of Dean records

Esther GURNEY aged 69 ** of the Parish of Kempley was buried at Upton Bishop, 9 June 1818

** circa 1749


1841 Census Upton Bishops


William - 45
Mary - 15
Charlotte - 9
William - 1

next door

Robert POWELL - 70 Ag Lab
Ann POWELL - 70

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