Ruins in Cotmeadows, Lydbrook (General)

by Caron, Tuesday, July 09, 2019, 19:19 (14 days ago) @ Jefff

Thanks for your help Jeff. I’ve studied the colour photo against some others of mine, and unfortunately this is the wrong place for Whitehall Cottage, which would be hidden just around the sweep of the hill - above where the Baptist Church sits at the start of Lower Lydbrook. The cottages high on the hill in this picture would have been part of Hangerberry hill ( pronounced Ankerberry by the locals, maybe after anchor, not sure). My grandmother lived on Hangerberry hill with an elderly aunt (known as granny Gunter by far and wide) after she and her siblings were orphaned. If I could work out how to add a photo, Id show the fuzzy pics Ive got, which almost give some glimpse of the shape of the cottage/s. My grandmother always said 2x cottages, with a wash house that joined the two & was shared by both families.

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