Finding the right Mine, early - mid C20th. (General)

by chrislane, Tuesday, August 13, 2019, 19:54 (331 days ago) @ Jefff

Hi Jeff

thank you so much for all of this really helpful information.

Whilst I haven't yet been able to trace Wilfred in Bream beyond his early life when, you're correct, he lived with his mother Fanny Jane Lane, I have found an article in the Gloucester Journal, Sat 12 Oct 1935 that shows a petty sessions record:

'Wilfred Denis Lane of Bream, was fined ss for riding a bicycle without a light' he would have been 21 in 1935 and I suspect he left the Forest to join his older brother in Birmingham. In fact the 1939 register suggests they were working for the same company.

I'm very excited about the possibility of finding Princess Royal employment records and shall most certainly visit the Dean Heritage Centre although I suspect it will be a couple of months before I can get there. I shall also be doing all I can to find a copy of promotional leaflet.

Thank you again for your help - as soon as I can I'll come back to you with my findings.

Best wishes

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