Elizabeth Sisson samplers (General)

by MPGriffiths @, Monday, September 02, 2019, 21:06 (275 days ago) @ amaska

Looking at Freebmd : there are 8 Elizabeth SISSON's marriage listed between 1844 and 1851 in various Counties.

What was interesting to see is the marriage of Eizabeth SISSON (age 20) in 1844 Eye Northampton (District, Peterbro') to John HARD

Elizabeth's surname - written in the copy marriage is written as SIFSON (double SS were usually FS) -

Elizabeth signs her name: Elizabeth SIFSON - however, her father, James SIFSON (as written by the Regisrar) occupation, Labourer, he signs his name: James SISSON.

1851 Census Eye Northamptonshire (Ancestry transcribed as SESSON (in brackets SISSON)

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