Possible Transcription Error (Parish Records)

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Thank you for looking for me. I was stuck with James for ages as census reported Ruardean as place of birth and I couldn't find him.

I think I've now found a long line in Ruardean.

James is the son of John Bradl(e)y baptised Ruardean in 1762 and Mary Willcox. They married in Newland in 1781.

John's parents John Bradl(e)y baptised 1728 and Hannah Meek baptised in 1725. They married in Gloucester in 1753. Ancestory has a copy of what appears to be John's will which shows his affectation for Hannah.

John snr parents were Richard Bradl(e)y baptised 1701 and Mary Wills who married in Walford in 1725.

Richard was baptised in Ruardean in 1701. His parents were Richard and Elizabeth.
I've found a baptism for Richard snr in 1677 and several for his probable - father another Richard in Ruardean. I need to sense check this especially the earlier ones. h I think I need to look at the wider families and burials to cross check and validate.

best wishes

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