James MORSE - Milking Mead, Gatcombe/ Hagloe (General)

by Gary2805, Thursday, March 26, 2020, 20:06 (14 days ago) @ slowhands

My father worked for a man in Gatcombe a Mr Chris Morse, he owned what was known as the stopper boats that were used to fish for salmon. He trained my father in the art of maintaining this boats with him. After his passing his daughter Ann Baylis (nee Morse) and her husband Raymond Baylis carried on the tradition with my dad and a man nickname was Granch, from Yorkley repairing them over the winter months.
There were four boats, black bottomed with a light blue top. The boat yard was at the very end of the road in Gatcombe, every year they were launched under the railway arches on the spring high tide, floated down to their fishing mornings in Purton. If you want more info if this is any good to you please let me know

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