Frank Watts, Camp Farm, nr Littledean, c1939 (General)

by Mike Pinchin @, Bedford, England, Friday, May 15, 2020, 14:25 (17 days ago) @ family watts

If it’s the right family there is this entry in the 1939 Register which seems to show Reginald at another farm located less than a mile north of Littledean,

Greenway Farm

1 Watts Reginald A, M, Feb 20 1902, M, Farmer
2 Watts Jane, F, Aug 22 1904, M, Domestic Duties, ARP Group
3 Watts Lilly, F, Nov 27, 1927, S, At School
4 Redacted
5 Watts Alfred, M, Feb 19, 1930, S, At School
6 Redacted
7 Watts Ernest James, M, Mar 24, 1933, S, At School
8 Watts Mary E.R, F, Nov 11, 1934, S, Under School Age (amended to Bayford 12/8/60)
9 Watts Eric, M, Feb 4, 1936, S, Under School Age (amended to Eric Charles)

Also, it appears he was in the area into the late 40s,

BNA Gloucester Citizen - Thursday 24 February 1949

An application, with costs, by Henry William Haines, of The Cross, Littledean, for possession of Greenway and Bryants Grove Farm, Littledean, formerly occupied by Reginald Alfred Watts, was granted by Judge Donald Hurst, at Gloucestershire County Court, yesterday. DAMAGES OF £2 WERE GIVEN AGAINST WATTS, AND A COUNTER CLAIM FOR £100 DAMAGES WAS DISMISSED. Mr. Conway Clifford, instructed by Messrs. Wellington & Clifford, represented Haines, Mr. Kenneth Jones instructed by Messrs. Langley Smith & Son, appeared for Watts. Mrs. A. E. Haines, wife of the plaintiff, said she purchased the farm on behalf of her husband in May, 1947. At that time, it was occupied by Watts, and she wrote to him saying she understood that he would be willing to terminate the tenancy with a year's rent. Watts, she said, went to see her husband, and said he was willing to accept the terms.

Confused Date

Mr. Clifford said that Haines was under the Impression that Watts would vacate the tenancy at Michaelmas, 1947. Watts agreed that he had accepted the terms, but said he was under the Impression that the Michaelmas referred to was 1948. Mr. Jones, for Watts, said that on these grounds he was putting in a counter claim tor £1OO, the amount of a year's rent. Giving judgment, the Judge said that in the agreement neither party had enumerated which Michaelmas was to be the date, and so both had pursued the case firmly believing that they were correct.

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