Harold Alfred BARNARD (General)

by macast @, North Yorkshire, England, Sunday, June 28, 2020, 17:11 (393 days ago) @ MPGriffiths

thank you

I did find Harold and Nellie in Brixton Road in 1934 with Frederick and Ethel Venables visiting. but didn't see the 1936 one... and didn't realise that Frederick Venables was a Chemist. so thank you for that bit of information.

I've discovered that Frederick was much older than Harold.... so perhaps Harold worked for Frederick or had been apprentice to him??

I looked up the other pieces of information you pointed me to. and again thank you.

why would a young man leave home in Cinderford and go to London in the 1930s? would that be to study? or was he just an adventurous young man?

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