The Rock family (General)

by Mike Pinchin @, Bedford, England, Tuesday, August 04, 2020, 13:56 (46 days ago) @ I search

I’m not clear whether you’re trying to find out who the siblings were or just details of them. In case it’s the former this is a record of six of them. Some of the baptisms, at least, are on this site, including George who was baptised at the Monmouth workhouse.

GR 1881 Census, ?? Hill Lane End, West Dean

John ROOK, Head, Mar, 62, Stone Quarry Man, born Bristol
Ann, Wife, Mar, 53, Gloucestershire
Ben, Son, Un, 23, Coal Miner, West Dean
Lucy, Daur, Un, 21, West Dean
Robert, Son, Un, 18, Coal Miner, West Dean
Hubert, Son, 16, Coal Miner, West Dean
George, Son, 14, Coal Miner, West Dean
Emma, Daur, 8, West Dean
Elizabeth, Daur, 6, West Dean

The transcription as ROOK seems to be perfectly reasonable.

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