Thomas and Martha Harris of Westbury on Severn (General)

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Welcome to the forum.
Have you tried a search of Parish records on this site ?
Or a search of previous posts on this site ?
I did a quick search and the following looks promising :-

I searched for Harris children with Thomas and Martha as parents. Several possibilities came up.
Picking two of them,
Matilda..Baptised 30th October 1842 Abenhall Parish. Collier living Little Dean Hill
Harriett.. Baptised 9th March 1850. Abenhall Parish. Collier living at East Dean.
Witnesses. George Mason and Ann Phelps.( This is a name i have seen crop up before)

Then search for Thomas and Martha marriage based on possible marriage spread of dates gives up :-
17th June 1832 marriage of Thomas Harris to Martha Malson in Newnham Parish Church.
Both living in Hundred of St. Briavels.

Then a quick search of previous posts shows one relating to a branch of the Malsons family migrating to New JerseyAmerica.

The above looks to me like it is your family. If so, a more comprehensive search of this site should provided more results.
Also , if you are not familiar with the actual location of place names (from previous centuries) which will be mentioned during your searches have you tried locating them on historical maps ? I find this can prove helpful. If you would like suggestions let us know.

Good luck

Sid Toomey

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