Joseph Davis and descendants (Parish Records)

by Swadpeaky, Thursday, December 24, 2020, 10:19 (1297 days ago)

Hi, sorry to bother you Xmas eve. No rush, glad I found your
brilliant site. I lost all my previous info on a USB drive.
Looking at Joseph Davis baptised 1738, 355889. Anyway of proving
he is married to Elizabeth Mayoe or Mayo. 1761, 139753. I know
it is Davies with an e, common. His son Peter was also Davis
or Davis. Also Joseph's burial, 1793, 243057 at Yatton? Not far
away either. I have a fair bit of ancestry in Sollers Hope, Burley Gate and Ocle pychard. I'm sure this slots in. Is there a record of all Joseph and Elizabeths siblings please. Any idea on Elizabeth Mayoe s birth or Josephs mom Mary. Thank you for your time. Stay safe in a beautiful part of our country. Kindest regards, Keith Davis. P. S. Like all, try and have the best Xmas possible. Great site.

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