Knight family Ruardean (General)

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Assume you have looked at the

Marriage Licence Allegations and Marriage Bonds - under Resource on this website

There are two marriages for Richard KNIGHT

and two copies of each i.e. Bond/Licence

4 Jan 1757

Richard KNIGHT, Coleminer, residence : Ruardean
Margaret WALLDEN a Widow of Mitchel Dean

Bond, he signs

Witness 1 - Richard Ellis a silversmith of the City of Gloucester
also the Licence is transcribed giving his age as 25 and Margaret aged 25 also


26 Septmber 1759

Richard KNIGHT, aged 25, A Widower, Coalminer, residence: Ruardean
Elizabeth CLOUDLY - aged 21, Spinster, residence: St Mary de Load in the City of Gloucester

by Licence

To marry at St Mary de Load.

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